Chapter 7: Women are More Creative

Creativity here refers to the highest creative act –that of giving birth. In the past, women have been considered mere incubators for the fully formed male seed. Today we know that females, with their two X chromosomes are the primary sex, and every embryo begins as female. Males, with their X and Y chromosome, appear to be a necessary, but secondary, variation. Females have stronger immune systems, making them the healthier sex. Their more whole –brained orientation enables them see things in a broader, more holistic and intuitive way.  As science discovered, over time that the female egg is the largest cell in the body and that it is females who carry, birth and feed the new life, males have responded by trying even harder to control her reproductive processes. The most powerful counter to the female as the most creative sex has been the concept of a male God.  Similar to morality and rationality, male versions of theology are also abstract conceptions. Because even the act of giving birth has been usurped by males, women have missed the naturally spiritual and archetypal experiences that are often associated  with the act of giving birth. Women often “miss themselves” and their most precious connection to what is indeed the highest act of creation.