Chapter 6: Women are More Moral

Males have long been considered the more moral sex. Male morality, as articulated by Kohlberg, however, is abstract and theoretical. Gilligan revealed that women have a “different” sense of morality that is more embodied and authentic, and is closely linked to her sense of self and others. Females are more empathic. Not surprisingly, empathy, long misunderstood by men, has been considered to be regressive and childlike. Today we recognize that empathy is a complex and highly developed moral state, where one maintains their own self-boundaries while at the same time being able to sense and respond to the emotions of another. Morality, by definition includes empathy. By extension, therefore, women, who are far more empathic, are the more moral sex. Females also have oxytocin , which is now considered to be the molecule of morality. Oxytocin is responsible for feelings of trust, empathy-feelings necessary to build a stable society. Political correctness, however  requires that we stop short before saying that one type of morality is better than another.  Women can wait for years until we finally have statistical proof that they are the more moral sex, or they can simply chose to trust themselves and believe what they know intuitively to be true.