Chapter 5: Women are More Rational

Far from being the less perfect sex, research is revealing that females are indeed the primary sex. To begin, women are the more rational sex. Rationality, we now know, is based on being able to synthesize thinking with feelings. One has to know how they feel in order to be rational. Females have much larger and stronger connections between their right and left hemispheres making it far easier to process and remember both emotional and intellectual information. Women have been considered poor decision makers historically. In truth, women appear to be less competent decision-makers, but only because, unlike men, women include the welfare of others making her decisions far more complex and global. Her larger corpus callosum and the fact that she is able to see the whole picture, actually enables her to be the superior decision maker. Women have greater “emotional intelligence,” the ability to integrate thinking with feeling. Women have become the whole brained sex, having already mastered left -brained based knowledge. Both nature and nurture reveal that females are the more rational sex. Females have greater access to the pre-frontal cortex, the most recently developed and advanced brain function and possess greater insight, foresight and intuition.