Chapter 2: A World Out of Balance

Just below today’s politically correct veneer, however, lies the truth about real equality. While women today do enjoy greater freedom, this freedom continues to exist within a male-defined game based completely on male values. To understand what true equality really looks like we are forced to go to the bottommost lines in nature. There are two great primordial opposites –the masculine and the feminine principles. Each is associated with its own unique qualities. In nature, these differences exist in exquisite balance and are essential life. Any culture that is truly equal would, similarly, reflect an equal valuing of masculine and feminine qualities. This balance is sadly non-existent in our culture and world, where the masculine quality is still more highly valued almost 100% of the time. The fact that feminism was forced to drop any focus on the difference between males and females in order for women to be allowed into the male world, only compounded the problem. The feminist approach was simply a short-term band-aid applied to a much larger cancer that had been long imposed on our world. Further sad is that many females came to revile the qualities of the feminine. Within this imbalanced perspective women were and will continue to be viewed as less moral, less rational and less creative at the deepest epistemological levels. I recognized, just as Elizabeth Cady Stanton had a hundred and fifty years earlier,that women would never truly be equal as long as our knowledge base continued to deem females as the less perfect sex.