Chapter 17: A Balanced World

If we are to survive, we need to recognize and honor both the Masculine and Feminine primordial opposites. Like a scale that has been out of balance, however, we cannot just move from imbalance to balance. We have to overcorrect into the Feminine – for as long as it takes to really understand it. Females need to do this to truly experience themselves as females. There is nothing more empowering to a female than the mentoring process. It has nothing to do with power as typically understood. The values of the “head” have been primary for thousands of years, but the heart is an electro-magnetic generator 5,000 times more powerful that the brain. The power we need now has to do with the true Feminine wisdom. Males, similarly, need to immerse themselves in the Feminine so they can learn to experience and trust it for the first time. Both sexes need to be freed from the cultural restraints around gender so that the collective consciousness can be free to follow its own “CALL” and complete the journey toward full consciousness.  In many ways males, however, in their separation from their emotions, have been far more wounded than females.

As we begin to articulate what a balanced world would be like, the primary concern is for today’s children and the children seven generations from now. Every government, political and business decision should be made from a balanced perspective that includes the Feminine values as equally as the masculine. Unless this changes, nothing will change. With children as a top priority in a balanced world, women would be paid and honored for giving birth, excellent childcare would be a given. Money would go to education not war, and on and on. Every male and female consciousness is part of the larger collective consciousness. As each individual changes, we can each be a part of a conscious evolution.