Chapter 16: The New Hero

Women have completed their own Hero(ine)’s Journey. They were at HOME when they started to “wake up.” They heard the “CALL” that there could be more to life and they responded. They went to school. They excelled. They beat men at the own game –playing by male rules – in fifty short years. They endured the ORDEAL and were made even stronger. They are at HOME now, actualized and ready to go. Women today have outgrown their outdated roles and they outgrew men. They know that they can go on with or without men. Because they are females, however, they want men to grow too. They want men to go with them. Most males, of course, want things to stay the same. The world, however, has changed. Now it is the males’ turn to follow the CALL – to change and grow. The true hero of today does not go to war, but rather, drops his masculinized ego, and listens to her. The Fisher King, who lands lay in ruins where nothing grows is asked, “What ails thee?” Women recognize that his separation from his emotions and his true self is what ails him. Males are now called upon to redefine masculinity and heroism for themselves.