Chapter 15: Mentoring The Masculine

For the first time in history, this book gives women permission to mentor the men in their lives. She typically knows the man in her life better than he knows himself. The world could change almost overnight if every woman changed and mentored the man in her life. Having articulated and redefined their strengths, women are now encouraged to use these skills with their male partners. Women understand intuitively what needs to be done and her kindness, compassion, empathy and intuition all serve this purpose well. Most importantly, the mentoring process not only helps men, it is the final key to the true empowerment of women. In the mentoring process, she gains invaluable insight and understanding into her own strengths and abilities as well as his. It is up to men as to how they react to this new shift. He may or may not respond to her efforts. Their level of resistance is their problem and it will be up to men whether they want to make it hard or easy for themselves. In “Emotional Intelligence,” Goleman, states that “women come into the relationship groomed as the relational experts.” Women simply need to be given permission to use these natural-born skills with the males in their lives. She may not be able to change his testosterone, but she can change his masculinized ego.