Chapter 14: SHE-Q The Wisdom of the Feminine

SHE-Q is the embodied intelligence of the Feminine principle. As a way of knowing, SHE-Q both includes and transcends IQ and the emotional intelligence of EQ. SHE-Q is a whole-brain perspective that includes the wisdom of intuition, insight and foresight. It is the embodiment of the quantum principle of interconnectedness. It is an inner knowing that considers the future in every decision. It recognizes that the evolution of the collective consciousness is dependent on the evolution of each individual consciousness. It not only recognizes that males have been wounded in being separated from their feelings, SHE-Q knows how to fix it. While the bottom lines of our knowledge must change, at the same time, SHE-Q recognizes that this must be done with care. It views the big picture, and with the broader view of the feminine is able to glean the more subtle context and intentions. Like the new quantum perspective it is inherently relational and interconnected. With her soft qualities, she is the new model of peace and healing.