Chapter 13: Her Advanced Brain and Embodied Spirituality

The spirituality of women has always been more authentic and embodied. Women typically live their spirituality and do not see it as separate from who they are. Women are connected and relational. Her spirituality and sexuality, until now, have been defined and controlled by males. The evolution of consciousness is still being limited by a position that mainly reflects the left brain perspective. The fields of philosophy, psychology and theology have all been made far more difficult than necessary because they lack a whole brain perspective. Women, closer to their own wholeness, need to realize that they already know what men have been questing for. Females who have educated themselves in these fields often discover that they have to unlearn much of what they have been taught in order to return to their own authenticity. Females sit at the center of life, while males are doomed to remain on the periphery, creating theories about the meaning of life.

Our world is in crisis as a result of this imbalance. Females did not create this, nor did they  contribute to the knowledge base, the power structure, or the state of the world we live in. Ironically, the very thing we need to restore the balance is the very thing we have devalued and denigrated –females and feminine values. It is further ironic that we can learn to restore our humanity from female Bonobo chimpanzees. Because they have never been indoctrinated with patriarchal values, they recognize intuitively that aggressive behavior is intolerable and work together to stop it.

Further, the feminine principle is actually much closer to the newly emerging model of actual reality –the quantum perspective. We have known for eighty years that our male –like, clockwork model of science is wrong. In truth, everything in the universe is connected. Feminine values provide a truer reflection of the world as it truly is. Both nature and nurture place women closer to their own wholeness, and now, after thousands of years of narrow, limited and incorrect perspectives, we are discovering that even the true nature of reality confirms the primacy of the Feminine principle.