Chapter Summaries


  • Proposes and explains a new theory of human understanding—She-Q
  • Shows that female equality still exists only within a male-defined game where feminine qualities such as connection, feeling, empathy, compromise, and compassion are valued less than one-dimensional, power-based thinking
  • Utilizes personal vignettes to illustrate She-Q in action
  • Draws on the latest neurological and sociological research to demonstrate that women possess a wisdom that is different from and, in many ways, more advanced than the male-based perspective of knowledge
  • Discusses ways in which women can use She-Q to mentor and change the men in their lives


One Response to Chapter Summaries

  • Hey Shelley! I was reading through She-Q again and I couldn’t help but wonder if you plan to come out with a workbook that couples could work through together to help them have a more balanced relationship? I for one would love a workbook like that! đŸ™‚ Karen